BY: iCitizen | August 20, 2014

As citizens we are all in this together. Let's not let partisan politics get in the way.

The following is a letter from our founding father M. Duncan Dashiff about iCitizen's political neutrality:

iCitizen is a non-partisan platform with a mission to empower citizens in a manner they've never experienced before. We are NOT about political parties (although we've been endorsed by folks from all sides of the issues). We are about an individual’s “political DNA” or, in other words, the very personalized issues each citizen cares about, which vary from person to person.

Of note, our founders, management team, and advisory board consist of people with very diverse political views who are simply frustrated with the lack of citizen empowerment and voice in our governing process as well as the erosion of transparency and accountability between electeds and their constituents. iCitizen has received press coverage from "mainstream," "conservative" and "liberal" publications and news organizations. Both Congressmen Blackburn (R) and Cooper (D) attended our National Launch event to lend their support for iCitizen's mission.

Working with a diverse group of committed people that included former elected officials (from both sides of the aisle), entrepreneurs, community leaders, students, government officials, and ordinary citizens, iCitizen was born. iCitizen has experienced rapid growth in the number of users (we call them iCitizens) that has far exceeded our expectations. The pace of adoption is exciting since we firmly believe iCitizen will be the NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION as a broad and diverse base of iCitizens continues to embrace the platform.

In the spirit of fair disclosure, I am a co-founder of iCitizen, its current chairman, and an independent voter, which means I vote for people from different parties depending on where I believe they stand on the issues most important to me at the time. I conceived the idea of creating iCitizen out of frustration with the partisan political process that made it difficult for me to know what citizens really wanted and leading me to conclude that it must be impossible for our representatives to really know what their constituents want when it comes to specific issues upon which our government must take action. Moreover, the lack of voice for citizens IN BETWEEN elections has only served to enable the access and influence of entities that don't necessarily represent the view of the majority in our country when it comes to a particular issue or piece of legislation citizens care about. 

I envisioned a broad civic engagement platform with mobility as a centerpiece that enables citizens to monitor elected officials and issues of personal interest, enables citizens to influence legislative outcomes between elections, and rebuilds the system of accountability between elected officials and their constituents in our country.

We don't care whether you are a Democrat, Republican, independent, etc. We just want your voice to mean something. The fact that there's skepticism regarding the ability for a non-partisan civic engagement solution, such as iCitizen, to even exist reinforces the need for iCitizen. As one person said to me recently, “It’s too hard to keep up with the issues I care about and even if I could, I can't do anything about it in real time.” Well, now you can.

We constantly review and improve iCitizen in an effort to create a platform that meets the needs of citizens, truly empowers them, and makes civic engagement easier — all while reducing the influence that special-interest groups, lobbyists and others have over OUR government today. We want your feedback and will act on it (much as our elected officials should in response to what citizens want).

Know you can share your feedback and ideas to improve the platform directly to us through the app or feel free to email me ( and I will direct your thoughts to the appropriate members of our team ASAP.

I also encourage everyone to visit iCitizen's website ( to find out more.

To all who have already embraced the iCitizen civic engagement platform, THANK YOU for becoming involved, caring about OUR country, and working to make a difference! For those of you who haven’t given it a try (and have an iOS7 device), I encourage you to do so and let us know what you think. If you’re waiting for the Android version, your wait will be over in the first quarter of 2014. We look forward to your becoming an iCitizen too.


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