BY: Tim Jacobson | June 15, 2015

iCitizen history today: Freedom’s first marker

iCitizen is barely three years old, but we are building our company on a heritage reaching back to a document signed and sealed in a grassy English meadow along the Thames 800 years ago this week. We know it as Magna Carta, the Great Charter. Magna Carta was responsible government’s first marker, and it is our job every day to pass the inheritance on.

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BY: Tim Jacobson | May 14, 2015

Engaging VE Day

In a young country like the United States 70 years is a long time, long enough to make it seem that the “then” and the “now” belong to different worlds.  Last Friday, May 8, in 15 spectacular bursts of sight and sound over Washington, D.C., those worlds briefly became one.

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BY: Russ Reeder | April 23, 2015

Russ Reeder: What’s next?

After my time as a computer programmer and then helping grow Oracle’s Enterprise Applications business across the Government and Commercial verticals, I’ve spent the last 16 years helping run successful technology companies (some more successful than others). I’ve worked hard and had some luck along the way, both entering and exiting. I’ve also been able to take some time between gigs to be with my family and reenergize. We’ve been able to enjoy a little world travel, but some of the favorites have been our family time in Fiji, Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is step back, reset your bearings and be sure you are ready and committed for what’s next.

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